Beware of the Gifts you get for valentine this february 2016

A Valentine’s day gift at the last minute and without leaving the sofa. Resort to buying online is becoming more common and more at certain times of the year. Cyber crooks celebrate this festival with their traditional waves of spam and thousands of e-mails that flooded the mailboxes of the victims with gifts, surprises, celebration trips and admirers secret messages. The most common will lead to fake online shops where gift own date to do with any bargain. However, these stores are designed to steal banking data of their buyers.”Valentine’s day is also marked in red on the calendar cibercriminal.

The most effective advice on this date is ignore unwanted emails, deleting them and, of course, do not open attachments or click on the text links. Use a filter antivirus antispam and Bank protection seems imperative on Valentine and out of it”, says expert on cyber security from G DATA Software, Eddy Willems.There are some Trustable stores like amazon , tupperwareworld┬áthat is safe to purchase online.Purchase tupperware online india with this trustable sites.

Practice banking safely online: to make money or purchase transactions online is necessary that our Bank always offers a dual authentication system.Buy only in recognized online stores: before any purchase online is recommended to check out the online store, as well as conditions of purchase where transport costs or other additional costs are reflected.Delete spam: these days are typical anonymous congratulations and e-mails offering gifts to balance price the best is deleting these emails and do not click on the links in the text. In the majority of cases they lead to false online stores or malicious websites can infect the computer or device of the victim Monitors your web browser: during the payment process, it is convenient to pay attention to the indicators of our browser: padlock and “https” (instead of the usual “http”) indicate that we are making a payment in a secure website.

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