High demand for IT graduates in the workforce

Growth in the information technology sector is moving at a phenomenal pace which means there will be a an increasing demand for professionals in the sector.

INFORMATION technology (IT) globalisation has changed the overall socio-economic, cultural and geographical aspects of our societies.

The advancement and globalisation in information technology has pushed the world into a tunnel like “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” museum, where every next step introduces us with amazing new technologies, software and applications. It’s like a one-way tunnel that stretches endlessly.

The IT industry has become so advanced and fast that now people talk about new technology and products that are about to come out instead of what they already have.

We are enjoying the most modern and advanced technologies, software and applications of IT in various forms.

This is not limited to just web applications, online shopping, trading and services, mobile applications, social networks, and free messaging and calling services.

Even IT has become a need for other fields like engineering, medicine, business administration, mathematics, accounting and finance and the arts.

The applications of IT are overwhelming and everywhere. All other fields are using IT products, services and applications.

This has led to interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary fields, and have created a lot of opportunities for IT professionals in all the fields.

The computer era that started with mainframes and PCs has now entered into a new age of smart mobile phones, handheld and pocket devices with intelligent systems and applications.

The whole world is now in our pocket with just a single touch. People remain connected with each other 24/7 through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and calling and messaging services like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Vimeo and Line.

Any incident, news or invention reaches the other corner of the world within minutes. These applications are not only available on PCs and laptops, but also on smart phones and tablets.

The market is flooded with the latest electronic gadgets. The big companies like Apple and Samsung have produced a variety of smart phones and tablets of all price ranges.

Due to this, people can afford and use the latest technologies, products and services for their personal use, jobs and business.

Cheap technology made available to everyone has played a role in changing all other fields and has made them IT-dominant. No other technology in recent times has captured the whole world that quickly.

These technologies and services are not luxuries or fun anymore, but have become necessities for every person, business, job, household, employees and companies.

The widespread use of smart phones and tablets with the support of WiFi, 3G and 4G services have totally changed the meaning of utility software. The traditional applications developed for PCs with Windows and Mac platforms are now available for Android and iOS platforms.

In addition, a large number of smart, interactive and lightweight mobile applications for all types of daily work with interactive interfaces are continuously available for mobile phone users.

Many banks, companies, government departments, shopping and social networking websites have given mobile versions of their applications.

Similarly all our payments and needs can be taken care of through our smart phones, simply because of technological advancements. The benefits of the advanced use of networked computers come through cloud computing, grid computing and cluster computing and high-speed Internet. The big data and Internet of Things are the latest trends that sketch the future of IT.

These technological evolutions have completely changed the trends and preferences of individuals as well as all sectors of the world economies and societies. Individuals are using technology for their personal use, such as staying connected with their families, friends and colleagues, information sharing and fun activities.

The public and private sector companies and institutions use it to improve their business processes, business operations, profit earnings, as well as understand their clients, market analysis, trend analysis, customer behaviour, market competitions, quality services, strategic information and decision-making.

Since its inception, the IT field is now at its peak. Such technological advancements have made IT a necessity at both public and private sectors at all levels.

As a result, it has greatly increased the demand for IT sector employees in all areas, including business, engineering, agriculture, finance and management. The IT industry is divided into three segments, namely hardware, software and services.

In all these three areas, there is a clear shortage in the supply of good-quality fresh graduates and experienced professionals in many different IT areas, including SAP, big data, programming, web development, database administration, mobile applications, network and information systems security, project management, and multimedia authoring.

Realising the importance of IT, Malaysia is also working on various plans and strategies both at domestic and international levels.

With the support and favourable government policies, Malaysia is also able to keep pace with development and advancements happening at international levels.

Digital Malaysia is such a strategic national programme to move the country towards the digital economy by 2020. The main objective is to promote persistent use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in all aspects of the Malaysian economy.

It will ultimately help develop a global community, increase gross national income and improve the standards of living. In short, it will empower the government, businesses and all Malaysians.

The 2020 Digital Malaysia programme has targeted to produce 160,000 high-value jobs, with additional RM7,000 income per annum for 350,000 citizens.

As a part of this programme, digital entrepreneurs, including Malaysian youth and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), will be some of the main target groups.

According to a study conducted by MSC Malaysia on talent demand and supply, the demand for ICT professionals is growing such that annually the ICT industry would need more than 33,000 knowledge workers.

By 2018, the total demand for ICT professionals is projected to be 134,438. In 2014, there was a shortage of 5,800 computer science (CS) and IT talent workforce against the demand of 13,300.

In short, the supply of CS and IT graduates fulfils only 60% of the demand. It is important for Malaysia to keep a balance in supply and demand of both fresh and experienced graduates to meet the growing demands of the IT industry.

Malaysia is complementing its requirements by hiring foreign talents from India, Thailand, UK, Japan, China and the Middle East, but there is need to bridge this supply-demand gap from the domestic workforce. Meanwhile, the SPA will conduct the online exam to recruit local IT executive. Further details on Peoplesoft Resume.

Currently, 59% of the Malaysian IT pool belongs to user groups such as technical helpdesk analysts, IT business analysts and computer operators.

However, there is also need to produce more professionals at a creator level, such as software engineers, programmers, solution architects and designers.

At present, programmers and technical support people are the most common roles in the existing workforce.

Some 80% of the job vacancies require experienced professionals while the remaining 20% are for fresh graduates.

The IT industry needs 107,000 experienced people and approximately 27,000 fresh graduates between 2014 and 2018.

Since 2010, there has been an 8% increase in the salaries of fresh graduates and the trend shows that it will keep increasing.

While multinational companies (MNCs) offer higher starting salary to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), salary increments for IT professionals are more attractive and competitive among SMEs than MNCs.

The average salary of an IT professional is around RM7,000. A typical IT project manager earns a monthly salary of about RM9,000.

In the coming years, the jobs that will be in high demand are software engineers, programmers, mobile application developers, SAP analysts and consultants, animators (graphics and multimedia), customer support engineers, technical support engineers, software architects, IT project managers, IT managers, data centre managers, security specialists, operations heads, network, systems and information security specialists and data analysts.

Similarly, SAP, Oracle and network technologies are expected to be in huge demand as well. The IT industry is now facing a severe shortage of fresh graduates as well as experienced talents in the emerging fields of big data analytics, data science and Internet of Things.

Besides their qualifications, fresh graduates need to have interpersonal communication skills – an absolute necessity these days.

The job market for fresh IT graduates and experienced professionals is quite vast. IT professionals are an integral part of any organisation, not just in Malaysia but in other countries too.

To produce a good quality IT talent pool, there is a need to improve the fresh graduates’ soft skills, such as communication, problem solving, presentation and leadership skills, positive attitude and good command of English.

There is also a need for industrial exposure and training for both students and lecturers and better academic-industry collaborations.

We are soon going to see a new phase in the IT field, such as enormous data growth, multimedia and animations, touch and sensory applications, network and system securities and the Internet of Things, where billions of devices will be connected to each other.

This is a never-ending journey. All these circumstances show that the demand for IT professionals is only going to continue at a rapid pace, with higher salaries and good fringe benefits.

Dr Rehan Akbar is the head of the Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Information and Communication Technology,

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). This is one in a series of articles on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics from UTAR.


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3 clash of Clans Tips voor Beginners

Clash of Clans is een waanzinnig populaire strategie spel voor de iPhone,iPad en Android die vermaak, snel tempo biedt en mobiele strategie met eenverslavend herverdeling en tal van mogelijkheden om te blijven spelen, zelfsnadat u uw eerste honk.


Deze gids zal u tonen de Clash of Clans tips voor beginners die u zullen helpenopbouwen van een basis, genieten van vroege succes en een betere spelerzonder echt geld uitgaven. Ook leert u wat u moet weten over Clash of Clans cheats en hacks, zodat u niet uw account verliezen of geband.


Dit is een strategiespel als opdracht & Conquer, waardoor het makkelijker om tegaan voor vele mobiele gamers. Als beginner Clash of Clans, kun je via veleniveaus met gemak maar binnenkort vindt u dat u een betere basis nodig,goed getrainde troepen, en u moet om te weten hoe de troepen en uwverdediging op de juiste manier gebruiken.


Clash of Clans is vrij om te spelen, maar net als veel mobiele games er in-app aankopen die van $4.99 tot 99,99 dollar variëren. Dit vergemakkelijkt hetechte geld tot niveau omhoog en betalen meer dan u zou voor een spel op deXbox One of PS4. We laten u Clash of Clans tips voor beginners, waardoor hetmakkelijker om te spelen zonder echt geld.
Clash of Clans uitgezonden onlangs een Super Bowl advertentie met LiamNeeson, pronken de wraakfunctie waarmee gamers spelen tegen een anderespeler die hun basis overvallen. Terwijl u niet hoeft te spelen van Clash of Clans kan altijd, wanneer u er niet andere spelers aanvallen uw basis. Je zal ook anderegrondslagen om te proberen te stelen van goud en middelen om het niveauomhoog uw gebouwen, de technologie en de troepen aanvallen.
U kunt deze Clash of Clans tips voor beginners om te leren hoe het evenwicht tussen uw aanval en verdediging, bouwen van een base en een betere speler.Zodra u meester deze beginner Clash of Clans tips die u kunt afstuderen naargeavanceerdere Clash of Clans tips en trucs.

Leer het bouwen van een betere Clash of Clans Base

Wanneer u start, moet u een Clash of Clans basis bouwen. U kunt meerderehulpmiddelen en gidsen om te bouwen van een betere Clash of Clans basis. Umoet dit opbouwen en plaatsen van gebouwen en verdedigingen, zodat uw basisbeschermd tegen invallen door andere spelers is. Dit is een essentieel onderdeelvan het spel. Botsing tussen Clans is over de aanval en verdediging.


De grondbeginselen van het opbouwen van een betere Clash of Clan basis kookneer drie belangrijkste dingen. Beschermen uw gemeentehuis, bouwen van eengoede verdediging en bouwen van muren. Als u vergeet om te doen een vandeze dingen verliest u onnodig middelen en tijd uw basis wederopbouw naaanvallen. De basisgegevens zijn dat uw gemeentehuis in het centrum van debasis, plaats wapens te dekken alle uw gebouwen en opbouwen van murenvijanden om bezig te houden terwijl de wapens neem ze uit.
U kunt het observeren van de verdediging van basen die je aanvallen, maar uwordt beperkt door de middelen en het aantal gebouwen die kunt u bouwen.Gebruik de volgende hulpprogramma’s die hieronder te vinden van de beste Clash of Clans base voor uw niveau. Uiteindelijk kunt u het bouwen vanbasissen te verdedigen, tot boerderij bronnen, voor Clan Wars of om al hetbovenstaande. Uw basis zal worden beïnvloed door uw niveau van het stadhuis.
Gebruik deze gids om te leren van de basics over elk onderdeel van hetopbouwen van een geweldige uitvalsbasis, vooral over het bouwen van muren,wat er binnen uw muren en wat u wilt houden buiten.
U kunt ook deze gids om te zien van de Clash van Clans baseren lay-outs voorbeginners. De optie het stadhuis 3-5 te zien van lay-outs voor Clash of Clans beginners. Deze gids zal u ook lopen door potentiële Clash of Clans base-indelingen voor de eerste verschillende niveaus van spelen.
Naarmate je verder kunt u zelfs een Clash of Clans base online die uvervolgens in het spel kopiëren kunt te bouwen. Clash of Clans Buildergebruiken om het maken van een plan voor uw nieuwe base.

Weten wanneer te gebruiken Shields en reconstructie

Er zijn bepaalde momenten waar kan niemand je aanvallen. Wanneer je begintmet spelen van Clash of Clans krijg je een drie-daagse schild. Tijdens dezeeerste fase kan niemand je aanvallen. U kunt deze Clash of Clans schild uwgebouwen opbouwen omdat het zal niet eeuwig duren.
Na een aanval die 40% of meer van uw basis, of uw gemeentehuis neemt, krijgt ueen schild dat 12 uur duurt. Als 90% Clans uw basis wordt vernietigd, krijgt u eengratis schild dat 16 uur duurt.


Als u een andere speler te vallen of wraak de optie om aan te vallen de persoondie uw basis die het schild automatisch liften vernietigd. De singleplayercampagne of Clan Wars kunt u nog steeds spelen zonder verlies van een schild.


U kunt ook edelstenen te kopen een Clash of Clans schild, maar er is een koeleneer tussen schilden dus je kunt niet eeuwig afgeschermde blijven.

Sla uw Clash of Clans Gems

U begint met een kleine hoeveelheid Clash of Clans pareltjes die demogelijkheid om te kopen van schilden bieden, gebouw versnellen of troep vanopleiding en andere upgrades. De Clash of Clans edelstenen niet uitgeven in devroege dagen. U moet deze later en zal u moeten hen echt geld uitgeven nadat uvooruitgang en klap door de schamele bedrag die kunt u in het spel.

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Beware of the Gifts you get for valentine this february 2016

A Valentine’s day gift at the last minute and without leaving the sofa. Resort to buying online is becoming more common and more at certain times of the year. Cyber crooks celebrate this festival with their traditional waves of spam and thousands of e-mails that flooded the mailboxes of the victims with gifts, surprises, celebration trips and admirers secret messages. The most common will lead to fake online shops where gift own date to do with any bargain. However, these stores are designed to steal banking data of their buyers.”Valentine’s day is also marked in red on the calendar cibercriminal.

The most effective advice on this date is ignore unwanted emails, deleting them and, of course, do not open attachments or click on the text links. Use a filter antivirus antispam and Bank protection seems imperative on Valentine and out of it”, says expert on cyber security from G DATA Software, Eddy Willems.There are some Trustable stores like amazon 

Practice banking safely online: to make money or purchase transactions online is necessary that our Bank always offers a dual authentication system.Buy only in recognized online stores: before any purchase online is recommended to check out the online store, as well as conditions of purchase where transport costs or other additional costs are reflected.Delete spam: these days are typical anonymous congratulations and e-mails offering gifts to balance price the best is deleting these emails and do not click on the links in the text. In the majority of cases they lead to false online stores or malicious websites can infect the computer or device of the victim Monitors your web browser: during the payment process, it is convenient to pay attention to the indicators of our browser: padlock and “https” (instead of the usual “http”) indicate that we are making a payment in a secure website.

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